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Surprise small greenhouse in the corner

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Greenhouse |

16d7c7c4670a1bec2522718e9da04cd4Miniature garden or flower arrangement inside the bottle could be very fancy present which not only recall the memories, but the fact that someone invested some efforts to make one happy have its own little spells of fortune. Valentine’s day is the ideal opportunity to ask yourself are you ready and capable for that magnificent emotion of love, or you have displaced it somewhere in the meantime. That is the day when everything else is less important, and with gentle words and nice gift we need to remind ourselves and the others what is the main impeller in the world – love. Here is a great idea of what you can present to your beloved and be sure that the message will be complete even without saying anything, the arrangement speaks for itself.

If your beloved is interested in gardening, an idea of buying a Vitavia Greenhouses is not bad, but a little room garden is something that can surprise and make her/him fell like an actress/actor in a romantic movie. All you need is some suitable bowls, slow growing plants, little fence, some material to build authentic roads and lakes, small fountains, dwarf figures and a lot of imagination. The most important thing is to find the plants with different size, shape, leaf texture, contrast, and with harmonious colors. First of all, choose the main central plant, which will specify the height of arrangement, and which will carry out the whole decorative detail.


You shouldn’t choose fast growing plants for such small home gardens, because it will spread all around and that would create the nasty image, but perhaps, you should try out with Dracena marginata, mountain palm tree, pilea etc. Place some low and wide broad growth plants around the central one, and don’t forget creepers which usually are in front of all other plants. If you don’t want to make any flower arrangements with blooms, you should otherwise choose some colorful leaf plants, such as Fittonia, Peperomia, etc.

First of all you should find some mixture of soil that should have very throughput characteristics. It is advised that you use the mixture of peat, perlite and vermiculite. All bowls should be made of glass, ceramics, clay, wood and wattle. If you decide to use basket or wooden bowl, coat it from the inside for the better water absorption.


Make the drainage layer on the bottom of the bowl by putting some small pieces of gravel, and fill it with soil to the half of the bowl. Carefully take out the plants from the flowerpots and place it to the specified spots you want. Check out the distance between plants, make sure that very plant has the space to live and “breath” so you don’t ruin the whole arrangement before it even took the time to shine, just for being too lazy to check out these little details. Watering of such decorative arrangement is very important thing, because there is no need to water it too much, but it might be needed to water it more often than the rest of home plants, but with small water lot.

Watch the video below to learn more

After the whole job is finished, you can decorate the arrangement with different details, such as little figures of animals and dwarfs, little houses, butterflies etc.